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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

Thank You, Wendy! Merry Christmas to everyone!  

Posted Images

Linda I agree that it is sad that something that is intelligent and adorable only lives a few years.

Wow that is quite a garden Sheila. As for hoses, ours are never put away, I just move them so that people dont trip over them. As for your swiping, it sounds like you have too gentle a touch! Well done on almost filling your bingo card (not sure what they call it)

Rob - the otters would be cool to see. I was watching a show the other night and it was talking about giant otters, they apparently grow as big as a man!

Sari, the majority of what grows here is "volunteer" plants. Not much colour though. Dont kill yourself in all that heat.

Patrick, I have always waited till after inspection to do metadata changes. I cant remember if it was here or another site but changing anything sent it to the back of the Q and I figured it could wait. At least we can still work on it after inspection not like on the opposition site.
Do you use Photoshop? If you do then consider adding your keywords directly into the file either in Photoshop or in Bridge.


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Wow Sari, impressive footage! Glad we don't get storms like that out this way.


Wendy, thanks. It was a good day over all. Hoping for more of the same of course :) 


I've only ever seen otters in the zoo or the aquarium. I know we get river otters, but I haven't hung out in those areas. I'm guessing with everyone sheltering in place, the wildlife is loving the additional space. We've been hearing about and seeing images people are taking of coyotes and other wildlife in Golden Gate Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Unbelievable. They chopped a dead tree down at the end of the street. It was such a great looking tree in terms of it's shape (multiple branches.) I always thought it would look great silhouetted against a sunset. Just a few days ago, there was a great sunset. The sky was a deep orange. So I set out down the street photograph it with the dead tree in the foreground. Only to discover that the tree is no longer there.

The other trees around here (the ones with leaves) don't look that great as silhouettes (too busy.) I was also planning on doing a time lapse of a sunset with dead tree at some stage. Darn it.

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Bummer on the tree being removed. totally understandable though if it was dead. Fire hazard and risk of falling over and killing someone in high winds, etc. We've had a few deaths as a result of the latter here in the past few years. they're being much more proactive in removing risky trees and growth given the severity of the fire seasons here the last few years.

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Sheila good point about safety concerns. That's horrible about the deaths that have occurred in your area as a result of falling trees. On the family farm, there's an area by the a creek which has a group of sugar gum trees which are really huge and massive. There have been times when Ive been over there and I see tree limbs / branches on the ground that were not there before. They randomly drop from these trees and it doesn't need to be windy for that to happen. For that reason, it's incredibly risky to camp near such trees. There is a risk of injury or death if you've set up a tent nearby. 

There's an interesting article here about such incidents and near misses.


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When we lived in Riverside (in Southern California) there's an old street there lined with the huge queen palm trees, but they don't get watered routinely so they're skinnier than they should be. It's not unusual for the tops to fall off a palm tree in a high wind event (which they get every year late summer early fall - in So Cal they're called the Santa Ana Winds, in Northern California, they call them the Diablo Winds because our winds come from the direction of Mount Diablo). Anyway, I worked in the local hospital and it wasn't unusual to get patients who had cars hit by the palm tree tops as they snapped off. If they were lucky. If it actually lands on the top of the car, they don't survive. palm trees are massively heavy and can just crush a vehicle. I guess for camping, it's best to set up in an open space clear from tall trees.

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Spectacular video capture! Too bad you can't extract images from the video. Some of those lightning strikes were pretty impressive.


We are picking up a couple fosters this afternoon. Yay. Looking forward to some photo sessions. Hopefully they're not to wired. The nervous kittens are actually easier to work with than the hyper ones.

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Sheila - actually, it's a time lapse made out of individual consecutive images (like I mentioned above, 20 second exposure each), so pulling one out is easy, you just need to know where it is in the image pile.

I'm hoping to get more storms so I can refine my settings and get it as good as a time lapse can get. Night time time lapses are harder than day time because it's dark but you still don't want it to be all black so you get the cloud movement visible, yet you want it smooth enough in the playback where the interval between the images isn't too long.


I'm kinda envious of your kittens :) I've been told I can't have any more cats in the house (we're down to six after Blackie died before Christmas), but I'm allowed to have barn / wood shop cat(s), and since Oscar moved across the rainbow bridge last Friday (1st of May), I have no outside cats currently. I'm sure finding cats/ kittens at this time of the year is not a problem, but I'm not sure how I want to approach it right now, so I'm not in any hurry.

I miss the little, shy guy. Every time I'm headed to the barn I still think - "do I need to get food for Oscar" or "I wonder if I need to turn his heater on".... argh :(





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Sorry to hear about your Oscar. He looks like he had a lot of personality. Always hard to lose furry family :( 


The kittens are TINY! Haven't had any this small in awhile (without the momma). Means more bathing as they tend to get food all over when they eat. Nervous but very active. I put a disc warmer in a tunnel bed for them so they'll stay warm together. It's such a big room for such small kittens. Probably actually need to move the litter box closer for them as we usually put it on the other side of the bathroom but that particular bathroom, you could comfortably fit a twin sized bed in the floor space and still be able to use the facilities. It's quite large.

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This is my boy Simba, turning 10 years this August. He just had surgery on Thursday for an ulceration under his tongue which is possibly cancer, and if so, is a very poor prognosis for cats that get this. On the bright side, the Vet surgeon said that while we can't jump to conclusions, it didn't look like cancer when he operated and removed it. He had also responded well to the cortisone medication in the couple of weeks leading up to the surgery which was also a positive sign. Biopsy results are coming this week. I knew there was something wrong when Simba's eating habits changed dramatically so took him to the Vet asap. Something to watch out for with cats as I didn't realise just how deadly feline oral cancer is and I've had cats (Persians) for well over 20 years. If it turns out to be cancer I know we got it very early. Simba and Misty (also Persian) are very loved and cared for kitties in this household.   

ETA Sari I'm sorry to hear about your Oscar too, it's heartbreaking to lose a furbaby. 


Beautiful Persian cat sitting on a low garden wood fence looking attentively




Cute grey and white Persian cat lying on green grass in a garden space with fallen purple flowering around

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Steve, looks like you have to do a lot of brushing with that guy. He's very handsome. I've only ever had short haired cats (and they shed enough! LOL). 


This is my big guy. He passed just before Christmas. Had Hyperthyroid and we couldn't get it under control. After a couple months, he went into CHF and developed pneumonia from third spacing fluids into his lungs. It was fast and tragic. Basically drowning. Didn't really have a choice in regards to treating that :( He was always my best model too. Never got upset and would do just about anything I set him up for for photos.




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Steven - thanks.

Your furbabies look happy and well kept, too. I hope Simba's little problem turns out just that - and goes away with the help from your vet.

Oscar actually had a tumor on his eyelid and he was operated for that (in Septemberish?), but something happened during the operation and he acted like he had had a stroke, which the vet never addressed in any way despite me asking about it.

Then, before his operated eye ever healed, he developed another tumor on his other eyelid. I didn't want to stress him any worse (nor risk further complications with another surgery), and just kept him comfortable and safe. He was eating well till just a few days before he passed, and I knew it was time. He was well loved, and lived just a hair past 13.



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Sari, I'm so sorry to hear about Oscar. It's never easy to loose our little friends ((((((((hugs)))))))))

Steven, I hope all goes well for Simba as he recovers, hopefully it wont be cancer. He is a handsome chap! 

Sheila, you have more kittens?! You are such a kitty angel! 

Awww, all these beautiful cats that have passed, it's so sad that death has to happen at all :(

My little Quackers is going in for surgery on Wednesday. I'm not sure if I've mentioned her before. She was found alone at a day old and was taken to the vet. They asked me to look after her. She was so weak I didn't think she was going to make it through the night, but she did. I raised her to go back to the wild, hands off approach, but she has no fear and is a bit dim, so that soon became a bad plan and she had to stay with me and my domestic ducks, she's 5 years old now. Then a couple of years ago she started having eye problems. They got so bad they caused meningitis, but she never gave up and neither did I, or the avian vets. Long story short she had been doing well even though blind and still with issues, but during this pandemic I couldn't get the goldenseal that I had been using to keep her eyes free from infection and this has lead to another flare up, so bad this time that our only option was to PTS or remove the ulcerated eye. So I'm giving her another chance and going for the surgery. I hope it works and she makes it through, but there are no guarantees, so fingers crossed for her peeps 🙏
This is her before the eye problems

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Rob, the otters would sure be interesting to see, I was watching a show the other day and they were talking about "Giant Otters", they apparently grow as big as a man. I dont think anyone would want to mess with them.

Sari that storm looked amazing. I dont see much lightning here. The trees block the view. I used to love sitting on my veranda watching the storms roll in :)

Patrick, dead trees becoming a financial liability to the local government. A pity you didnt get the sunset and the tree :( There is a good reason the gum trees are called "widow makers", they are pretty spectacular when they drop!

Sheila I have a friend who has a neck injury just from being hit with a palm frond, so I cam imagine the damage that would happen from the top of the palm tree falling.

A lovely collection of fur and feathered family members.

Linda, wishing Quackers all the best. That is one tough bird.


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Linda,  yeah. I'm always up for fostering kittens Usually it's not a lot of work. Especially when we have the mom with them too. These guys are doing really well. They're not hissing anymore so they're getting used to people in and out. Unfortunately, they're also wanting to be held more so sitting for photos is more of a challenge. LOL. Wanting to be held is a good thing though. It shows they're beginning to socialize. Now, if I could get them to learn to self groom. Cleaning their bums is a challenge. They are using the litter box so most of it goes in there, but because they're adjusting to solids, it's not very solid so it gets all over their fur. I hope Quackers does well with the surgery.


Steve, yes. He was an awesome model. And very affectionate. He'd sleep on the pillow above my head when he slept in our room. Usually, he prefered to sleep on my daughter's bed. For some reason, all the cats fight over that spot.


Wendy, we cut down the small palm trees in our back yard and I couldn't actually lift the head of the tree. It took three of us to move it. Those things are super dense. You wouldn't think it to look at them.


Deb, I think that cat is very well cared for. Very chunky and content looking. We had a golden retriever that would lay on the park bench we had in our back yard. I guess they're popular for animals.


Sebastian has been manic the last few days or so. I've had to put him in his kennel for the first half of the night at bedtime because he just won't settle down. today we took him on two hour long walks. One this morning and my husband is out walking him again now so he will maybe not be so wired come bedtime. I forgot just how much work puppies can be. He has to have gained quite a bit of weight too because my arms hurt now trying to carry him. He has a vet appointment tomorrow to get boosters on his vaccines so I'm curious to see what his current weight is. He was only about 10 lbs the last time we took him in.

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So .... I'm sitting in my chair and suddenly I hear a bang at the window. I look up and it is my friendly neighborhood roadrunner with a small snake in its beak. I run to grab my camera and he/she is still around but partially obscured by some bushes. Of course I have the wrong lens on and unable to get a shot. Still, I'm hopeful he/she will be back and will be kind enough to pose the next time. Our roadrunner seems to like showing off its latest catch to us.

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