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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

I've definitely been floored by the whole thing. Trying to keep up with reading the thread about it, but gave up around page 72. I agree that if we have to start at the bottom every January, they shou

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Very cool trail cam footage, Sari. I liked those transitions at the end of the first video and beginning of the second video.

Wendy yes I'm sure you could also get some great trail cam footage where you are in Queensland with the local wildlife. I have a little bit of trail cam footage I recorded on Kangaroo Island that Ive been thinking of uploading to youtube.

Linda, we once had a live rat inside the house quite a few years ago. One of our cats must have brought it in. I was in the lounge room at the time and I could hear my parents trying to catch it in the hallway. There was a lot of commotion and screaming that I could hear. It sounded quite funny. Then the rat came into the room I was in (it slipped in under the door.) With only seconds to act, I grabbed it by the tail and picked it up. I'm sure it must have been painful being picked up by the tail with all that body weight hanging off it but I didn't have any alternative (it being a wild rat.) I released it outside. A few days later, the very same rat was back inside the house (in the bathroom.) I picked it up by the tail once again and released it outside again. And that was the last time I saw it. 

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The only rats we see anymore are the ones the cats catch. I think they send out a memo to avoid our place as we definitely had more mice and rats the first few years we lived here.  Not so much the past two years. I think we've only had them bring in 1 or 2 so far this year. I'm just glad they're not catching birds anymore either (knocking on wood). I trimmed up the bushes and trees radically so they'd be less accessible to the cats from fences and roof tops, so I think that has been a major factor in the decrease of birds captured. Esp the baby birds. Makes me mad at them when they rob a nest. I've been planting flowers that attract the hummingbirds this year so hopefully that doesn't increase the fatalities as a result. I'm beginning to think Nemo was the bigger hunter than Jasmine is. I always thought he was more clumsy maybe not.


Did a bit more gardening today. I figure if I do an hour every few days or so, it should catch up and eventually keep up with the mayhem. the weeds are already starting to grow in the walkway and in the mossy area again and we pulled that all up two weeks ago. The raspberries are definitely going to produce well this year. 3X as much growth as last year. Tied those back to the trellis' a few days ago.

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1 hour ago, Rob Hainer said:

Saw a river otter the other day while hiking. Was a first. Usually the river is too polluted in this area for them to be comfortable. And today was first copperhead sighting of the year. Almost stepped on him. 

How big are the otters Rob, it would be cool to see them in the wild! The copperhead, not so much lol. I like snakes am just wary of poisonous ones.

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Sari, that would be great, but I have ducks and not sure they would be so pleased about it! We do have birds of prey near by, I sometimes see them riding the thermals. Mostly buzzards. I've only seen one in the garden, that was many years ago when I had Lovebirds in an aviary, a juvenile Goshawk came in trying to get to them. It wasn't successful and never came back.

Patrick, I'm not sure I'd be happy with rats in the house, eek! I'm happy to have pet ones in here but not so much the wild ones! Not sure I'd be brave enough to pick up an adult wild one. Mice and baby rats, not a problem, big adults, think I read too much James Herbert for that LOL!

Sheila, I'd love to have humming birds here, your garden sounds lovely. Well done on foiling the cats with your pruning, fingers crossed it does the trick :)

Rob, so wonderful to see the otter, not so much the snake, I'm with you on that Wendy! But really, it's so great to know that the wildlife is thriving while we are all on lockdown. There is always a silver lining :)

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1 hour ago, Patrick Cooper said:

Linda, I would really like to hold a domesticated rat and also play with it. I think that would be a great experience. Though Ive never had that opportunity. The only rat Ive held was a wild one!

Patrick, the trouble with rats is they dont live very long, they are rather sweet though!

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My dtr had a pet rat for awhile. It didn't live long at all. She was very upset. I'm thinking it was not very young when she got it from the pet store :( 


Backyard imagery. It's pretty green out there right now. The raspberries on the left side (closer to the house) have been there two years, the ones on the right side just started growing last year. The left side is covered in fruit this year.



And I put strawberries in the base of the water fountain (drilled two holes in the bottom first - The previous owners converted it into a planter but never allowed for drainage out of it).


And then my potted herbs, I transplanted into the middle island, where I also have a young plum tree (just planted that last year - being more aggressive on training it's growth than I was with the peach).





And then the patio planters, the Pineapple sage in the back area I cut back in January. It's going to be quite bushy this year. The stuff I just planted on the left corner is just starting. Despite the shade, they get enough sun from the open slats in the patio cover that they do quite well there.



And the other side of the BBQ and fireplace area I put the pineapple sage on the back wall, the kaffer lillies are in the corner and the camelias along the side wall. The camelias are finally starting to get some significant growth this year. I'm hoping to have a wall of those by next year. Each plant is a different variety so the flowers should be a rainbow effect across the wall once they've grown in to make a hedge effect.



And I removed all the palm trees from the center island and put in the lemon tree. Plus I have the potted pineapple guava a friend of my husbands gave me (it was about 4" tall cutting he planted from his tree, it's doing quite well) and my tomato plants in pots. Not a huge space, but enough to keep a person busy.IMG_3333.thumb.jpg.f0c17c01ab95db964f159eff1b8c56f0.jpg

And the succulents my friend gave me on my back porch. We refer to that as my Mara Garden, since that's her name. IMG_3335.thumb.jpg.7bd6d71a102f988220213d94e8f5e631.jpg


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Rob - I've never seen otters in the wild, that would be quite awesome!


Sheila - hot DAMN your garden is so organized it hurts, LOL! Not a stick out of place!

There's a very distinct reason for why the widest view you ever get out of my garden is to the tune of:


Hint -- all that yellow in the background is volunteer plants that I DID NOT plant there.

The rest of it is the same way. Sure, I do plant stuff, a lot of stuff, but it's all haphazard at best.



*edit - oh, and your pupper is so tiny I almost didn't see him :)

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LOL Sari. It's less organized than it appears at first glance. Lots of "volunteer" plants coming up around the base of the planters and along the path between the oval planter and the moss, plus lots of stuff that's not moss growing in the moss. And the hose isn't put away. LOL. But it is maybe a bit organized on the purposely planted plants :)  The peach tree is a mess growing every which way. Not much I can do about that now but try and keep it from getting too tall so it doesn't go through the power line from the pole out back to the house (which is right above that area unfortunately). It took me a few years of trying other plants to finally get to where I am now with the yard. The hydrangea were a total fail even though they're supposed to do well in partial shade. So funny that the Pineapple sage is supposed to be in full sun but does very well in the shade with partial sun. And yeah, Sebastian isn't very big (although he's still growing). He'll definitely be lap dog sized even fully grown. He was following me and watching me so I didn't realize he ended up in two of the photos. Once in the yard and once peaking out of the back door to see what I was doing.

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Deb - as long as I know that the volunteers will add color or any beneficial-for-bugs features, they get to stay. Sometimes they take over.....LOL


Sheila  - "hose isn't put away"? :D Oh my! If it was up to me, our hoses would never be put away, because it's a major chore to put them up and then pull them out  back to use. I do have to put them up for grass cutting time, however, which hasn't been completed once yet this year.... :P

I've actually been working in the garden all day today, and I'm willing to bet that by morning I will be hurting so bad everywhere that I won't be able to move. That's what you get for overdoing it in a serious way. Also, I'm probably burned to crisp, it's been full sun and in the low 80s all day. Brisk wind so you don't feel the burn......

The worst part is - I'm not done yet, got normal chores to do, plus some extra stuff that needs to get done before I can retire for the evening and crash :P


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Sari, hopefully today won't be as busy for you and you will have time to rest and recover a bit from your extreme gardening experience. I can imagine with as much space as you have and all the animals, yard work can become quite the task. we used to have half an acre when we lived in Riverside, and just mowing took me several hours (of course, I had to do the regular type mower, not a ride on mower. That would've made it go much faster).


Doing inside stuff mostly today. Need to get some cleaning and organizing done. It's way past due.

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It's annoying how you can no longer make changes to the metadata of images while they're pending review. On one of my recent uploads, I had thought of a whole bunch of extra keywords I could have added after I submitted it. And these days, it's going to take forever for it to be reviewed. 

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Sheila -  yeah, thanks, yesterday wasn't as intense. I did work in the garden for several hours, but you wouldn't see the results anywhere. Maybe later if the stuff actually grows before chickens pull it out, or bugs / rodents eat it up.....

Have lots more to do today, I need to finish up what I started on Saturday on one of the flower beds - I had to widen it, and I only got most of the digging / cleaning out the weeds and roots done, still have a tiny spot to do, and then put the edging thingy back (I don't have nice edging stones on there as it would be too expensive, the only spot that has that is Wyatt / Josie's resting place / flowerbed). It would be nice to have the stone edging around all the flowerbeds, but it would indeed take a crap load of money, and a trailer load of the edgers. So I only have one of those plastic edging thingies to try to keep the grass roots from invading the flower beds at free will. They do it already, but the edging slows it down a little bit.... Of course, I don't have any mulch anywhere, so it's a constant battle that I always lose anyway!


Then, we have a chance of severe storms later in the day again, so I need to get stuff done before all my dirt washes away in a thunderstorm.


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Patrick, Image reviews are taking longer than they have, but not as long as video reviews. I just make a note in notepad on my computer and add the additional metadata when the reviews are done. But I'll add them to the image right away so its there for when I upload to other sites. I understand how frustrating it is. I must've blocked it from my memory because I don't recall being able to make changes to the information after it's been submitted for review.


Sari, rocks and bricks definitely make a better border. I need to get some for the front since the rocks I have there don't go high enough to actually retain water on the slope, so the plants on there are not doing as well as I'd like. I hope you were able to get all your yard work done before the rains. We aren't getting any rain here right now. Sunny skies. Waiting for another cloudy day so I can do some driving go pro footage. Looks much nicer when the sky is full of white fluffy clouds :)  And now that I figured out how to change the image resolution to 4K footage. Still don't know how to do it on the gopro directly, but using the iphone app sync'd to the camera, I can reset it. I guess I should've played with all the buttons earlier.

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Sheila get your GoPro manual out, it's not complicated to do it in camera. Mine has it straight on touch screen menus, but the older model you had to go through the menus by pushing the buttons at appropriate spots.

The rain/ storms missed us completely; the line they built up on moved on top of us before they popped up, and "our" storm just started building up over us so that as the line moved, it didn't start storming till it had moved to east and away of us - just a couple of miles away. So we didn't get anything but a few drops (literally, you could count them in dirt) of rain.

It did storm / rain everywhere else, however...LOL


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Sari, you have to swipe the screen down and for some reason, it doesn't sense my finger when I do that. It's a massive PITA. I have issues with touch screens in general. When they did my fingerprinting for the DOJ FBI background screening (to renew my license) they had to have me put hand lotion on my fingertips because they wouldn't register on the machine. They guy says that's actually a common issue with nurses because we wash our hands so much. I constantly have to key in my password on my phone because the fingerprint ID doesn't work all the time as well. Really a PITA. So being able to do the adjustments in the phone is easier for me in the long run. Even reformatting the memory card, it doesn't register me trying to swipe up on the screen 9X out of 10 (sometimes even more often). It'll start recording instead when I turn it on. I have the GoPro 7


Edited to add: I just need an SOD and a cart sale and I'll have at least one sale in every category for today. Unfortunately the clip pack was one of those $1.80 sales, but it's a sale. Hoping the downloads will pick up this month. January was spectacular and the rest of the year has been dismal by comparison.

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