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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

Wendy, if you are Sari, who is Sari today :-)

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EDIT - was still typing but got bored (attention span of a goldfish) and refreshed my stats to find that I got another fat ODD. 5 fatties, wow!



Geez, and I'm nowadays just happy to get 5 regular DLs from the US, as they've been non-existent lately.


Keep rollin'! It's good for ya :D

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Yay, awesome Meir! I had 6 in one day last week, I couldn't believe it, t'was sweet!


Sari, that's great news, finally! Did you hear back from support yet?


Today was a huge Christmas day again...17 of them, mostly Santa hats and wreaths, none from my new batch though, they aren't in the search yet with "photos" checked. :(

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Barry, no closer-ups? :D



This evening has finally been like the DLs are supposed to be - how weird is that?


Kel - I sorta did, but really no result/conclusion there.

Unless, they turned my port back on.... :o



Are you guys seeing what I'm thinking, that it takes about a week for the new pics to show up in the search with "photos" checked????


My last week's pics were not there yesterday, but they are today, while my newest ones, of course, are missing...

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Thanks Kelly and Anita.


Next should be Wendy I guess.


Wendy, if you read this, say HI to the EL fairy from all of us when she shows up.

Will do Rudy if she ever finds me lol!


Hiya Meir glad to hear you are feeli ng better!


As usual I come here to the most varied conversations! Boobs and Farts indeedy!


Said good bye to my son today (he went home) still having a nice break an no stock stuff .. am feeling very lazy lol!


Have fun chickies!

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Morning peeps.


Well the wind came screaming through here last night and this morning the rain followed 1/2inch.


So now we are supposed to chill down some but it is 62F/17C right now.


Well still waiting for a review over here going on three days at 11:55am.


Should be getting close but still adding to the queue.

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