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Photo Requests: Faith

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I just made these two, i'm uploading them and hope they'll be approved and... suit the seasonal needs.






It's great to know what are the needs, so we can shoot in purpose (or in my case, design/build the images, as i decided to digitaly create my pics instead of taking photos). Thanks to SS for the great service.

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Gday Stuart, I know it aint got nothing to do with the topic but... your the only other Australian I've seen so far on here so... Gday, howzitgarn?!

If anyone should have images like this, its you, living in the city of churches and all eh!!


BTW photo reqesters, I've got a good one of the big cathedral in Mexico City and Xmas lunch.


Providing all those images have relgion or faith in the keywords, I'd assume the people asking for *more* images have already found and seen them - to my mind (and I *may* be the odd one out here) if we're getting asked for more religious and faith images, the people asking probably want 'more' than is on here???




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