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For me yesterday was slow with just 2. Today I got 4. I haven't made anything new since last week no creativity whatsoever.


Finally got a new image to sell today my 2nd version of my bottle rockets. I'll edit this post with the pic once I get back on the computer in a few minutes.





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I need to figure out what to do next.


I need to figure out how to fit designing in with life!!!


My mother-in-law is taking up all my time lately, bless her though, she's 87 years old, and loads o things are breaking down lately, so its been nothing but hospital visits (even ambulance nightmares speeding through the roads with sirens blasting away and me gripping on to my seat for dear life, and knuckles clenched white), doctors appointments, trips to the pharmacies, getting food in for her, even down to peeling her apples so she can eat them, then after all that I'm too knackered to do my own stuff.


I've got the ideas, just don't have the time to get them done!

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Goodness you've got your life full and it sounds rather scary. Summer school break is around the corner and all 3 kids will be home. Finding time for designing is one thing, it's another to find personal time for yourself to actually just breathe and relax.


Hope all is well and that you can find some time for yourself.

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This one sells quite regularly:


Vector illustration of the side of a barn with a faded vegetable illustration, and a sunrise over some fields. Multi-layered for easy editing.


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