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I've been waiting all day for my first download of the week and was about to give up and shut down the machine when hey presto in came 2 sales at once:






Reckon it was same buyer for both of them.

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I must say I do like this thread as it's good to see exactly what illustrations the buyers are buying. Easier to see in our own forum rather than on the anything goes forum where they are mixed in with photos.


Here's my latest:



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Hooray, took a few days before the first sale came on this calendar:




Mind you, I've noticed that my older images are selling more than my newer ones - anyone else seeing this trend?

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Yep I've only had 2 dl's of the images I got accepted last thursday. You're not the only one seeing it.


Hmm, wonder if that's why the sales seem to be few and far between. Sales are certainly slower for me at the moment. Maybe SS have changed their default search criteria. Always used to be newest first which is why newer images seemed to sell quicker.


Or maybe its just because it is the month of May and sales have slumped.

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