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All right Anita, so it's asthma?

Well, it's not a great thing for a young boy to have that's for sure, but the control of the condition has become so effective nowadays that sometimes it amounts for a virtual cure. He's young, he's got plenty of time to recover and I see no reason for him to shy away from sports and games.

Hope he's back home soon :)

And don't worry, there's no reason for him not to lead a happy and healthy life.

One more here, remember the 'first rejected, accepted on second try' spider web?

Well, it's back again :)

My 7-th download for today. I might get one or two more, still time.


Spider Web


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Boyfriend called earlier telling me they might let him come home tomorrow provided his oxygen level stays consistently at 90 or above. But he will come home with oxygen *blah* I know how much he hates wearing that. And there's no way for me to send him to school with a tank don't think the teacher or nurses know how to deal with that. And I'm sure he wouldn't like carrying that round with him for the 4 hours he's their either.


Definitely plenty of hours left in this day. SS closes midnight NYC time so there's like 10 1/2 hours left.


Another one of mine that hasn't had a dl in ages.




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Had quite a few dl's today 13 thus far. My best day since the 7th with 16. Hope it can stay like this. 5 in the queue hopefully will pass inspection.


Quite a few of my dl's today have been my science diagrams. My brain, lungs, periodic table of elements and the 2 below the earth and the sun. I think I need to finish my set :)







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