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Witholding Tax Issue - Please calm down.

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Dear Submitters,


Please keep the following in mind:


1) This process is part of compliance with US government regulation. These are not rules that Shutterstock controls in any way.


2) If you follow the rules and live in a treaty country, you will not be double-taxed. You may need to do a bit of paper work, but we will help you out as much as we can. Even some non Treaty countries may offer credit for taxes paid overseas. Please check with your tax advisor or accountant.


3) If we continue to read threads on the forum that you will be taking your images elsewhere, we will delete them and close your account. We are trying to work together with you while adhering to US regulations. Slander or defamation will not be tolerated.


4) Want to change your avatar to something obnoxious? Again, we will delete your profile, images, etc. You are just creating more work for us.


5) If you think all other microstock companies are exempt from paying tax or withholding tax, think again. We are not able to know for certain if/how other companies are complying with the law. Our responsibility is to ensure we do things the correct, proper and professional way, based on our own interpretation of applicable law, and that is what we are trying to do.


6) Why don't US citizens have to deal with this? They do - we already have their W9 forms on file. Don't worry - they dealt with this as well.


7) Welcome to doing business internationally. We will all make money together - but we have to follow the rules. We are here to help and look forward to getting through this together.


8) We will answer every question you have - but you have to give us time to get to them. We will be as thorough and responsive as possible.


Thank you.

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