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Show your newest image (started 9/ 2008)

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Update 3-21-10

Since changing the title of this thread (after being requested to do so) did not have the desired effect and the new thread that's been started is already showing up as a hot topic on the front page, I'm changing the title back to the original title with a date added. That way when someone stumbles across it in the future, it won't look so ridiculous.




NOTE - due to the fact that this thread formerly entitled "show your newest image" has gone on for so long and has gathered so many negative comments, I have changed the title to discourage additional posts. Thanks to all those who partcipated but when I originally started this thread I seriously only expected it to run for a day or so...not for a year and a half! ...so maybe the title change will put an end to this one!?!




Don't you love the fast review times?! =) Show your most recently approved image... please? thanks!


Since the same photo of mine has been showing here since I started this thread about a year and a half ago...and everyone has to be tired of seeing it if they open this thread (I know I am!), I decided to edit it out and put in one of my newest images as of today (1-14-09)for a fresh look. =)





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