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Another shout-out to Anthony and SS for the Red Carpet program, which, as it has for many of the others who have posted here, worked smoothly for me.


I was able to shoot the final event of the AVP season, the Best of the Beach tournament held in Phoenix. I had unlimited access, was able to shoot from the broadcast platform, multiple locations in the grandstand, and right on the sand, about 2 feet from the players. Got some great images of Olympic gold medalists Kerri Walsh and Phil Dalhausser as well as a number of other former Olympians.


Finished shooting on Saturday, got the first round of keywording done on Monday morning, had those images approved and online about 3 hours after I submitted them.


I don't know how profitable the images will ultimately be, but I had a great time and, at a minimum, got some great stuff for my portfolio.


In any case, for those who are hesitant to try the program, I can't emphasize enough how simple and easy it is and how helpful Anthony and SS are in making things happen.

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Many many thanks for Anthony and his team for helping me to get my press pass for the 2008 California International Airshow! Unfortunately there were clouds below VFR minimum so the part of the show was canceled but I got some good shots anyway.









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wow, cool stuff shutterstock!


i would love to try but i wonder about a few things:


how about noise? as a concert photographer, i know its not possible to use iso 100 when the stage contains lowlight situations and stuff. usually i am shooting with iso 400 and above. i don't use flash since it destroys the atmosphere or some artists simply don't allow it!


since the shots are exclusive for shutterstock, am i allowed show them on pages like flickr?

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Hello sint:


Editorial images are not held to the same level of screening as regular stock images are, so some noise is acceptable (and understandable).


Posting Red Carpet images to third party sites is actually discouraged and may be against contract because some sites have arrangements with other (competing) agencies. You may use the images for your portfolio though.




Shutterstock Support Team



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Anthony I sent in my Red Carpet application forms on the 11th of October with details for the Cliff Richard Concert here in the UK and a few lines to you to say I had done so


It is on the 28th of this Month and have received no reply whatsoever....


Do I take it this is not going to happen ??




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I just sent in a press pass request for Palm Beach Steeplechase. It is on Nov 29. I hope it's not too late!




Good luck Perry!


Thanks! Haven't seen this particular equestrian sport before, so I would really like to go!


Steeplechase as I know it is more of a combination of thoroughbred racing and jumping. It is concentrated on the east coast. Saratoga is the only Thoroughbred track to have regular races during its season.




Here is a link to their site. Looks like you are the last event of the season.



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Thankyou to Anthony for organizing a media pass for me to cover the Melbourne marathon a couple of weeks ago.

I had full access to all areas of the course including the finishing arena (MCG for all those aussies). It was a great experience & I picked up some very useful tips from some of the seasoned "pros".

Unfortunately I broke my ankle 4 days before the event,(darn motocross bike) so I was limited to hobbling around on crutches for the day.

All in all it was a great experience & I had a great time. Looking forward to my next red carpet event.



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Just picked up my two media passes for Palm Beach Steeplechase this coming Saturday. They told me I'd have access to all areas except the VIP area and the jockeys' area. Will be uploading on Sunday!


Thanks, Anthony - I know I've pestered you with questions that are perhaps very silly, but this is a first for me, so I really appreciate your patience!

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sorry if this was already covered, but i'm a little confused about sending supporting documents about the events. I'm planning to start submitting some applications to cover some concerts in the next months. Do I just need to submit the contact details for the venue, band publicist, etc or is something else required?

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Thank you Anthony .... a great learning curv :)


Boy but did those first three songs go reebo, I did not even realize it was time to go lol also thanks to John for the tips on Concert shooting. Hope to be better equipped next year as I am getting the Canon 5D MK11 and really need a faster Lens





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