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Review process seemed to be getting better until yesterday

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Been getting a decent amount of videos accepted for a couple of weeks then since yesterday every single clip rejected on noise....

Some are from the same series which have been accepted but today somehow some noise got in - maybe crept into the camera when I went for a coffee break and wasn't looking.  

But seriously feeling like a stuck  record here - really hard to trust if it's something I've done wrong or SS review process.  

13aug21oatscut.mp4  accepted

13aug21oatscutw.mp4 rejected  (the more golden colour one)

thank you for any comments.







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I think what the problem is with 13aug21oatscutw.mp4 is the out of focus background. In the past, I've had clips rejected for noise and focus when there is a large quantity of out of focus foliage in the background. Also, images/clips with large quantities of water often get rejected too. The AI doesn't understand its OOF foliage, so it rejects it.

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