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Are these photos good enough to submit? Feedback welcome, thank you!

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I'm new to Shutterstock and have tons of photos that were not taken with the intention to submit here, so while I might like the subject I'm not so sure technically they are acceptable.

Could anyone give some constructive feedback, I'm not very experienced in spotting noise or luminance or poor focus etc.

Thank you!







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The first has a bit of a soft focus, but could possibly be accepted if you get rid of the noise in the blue sky. Shouldn't be too hard to fix. The focus could be a rejection reason with a strict reviewer


I see no chance for the second one. Way too much noise and fragmentation.


The third has again a noise problem that could be fixed, but the duck's eye is not in focus:


The statue could possibly be accepted as editorial, where the quality standard is a bit lower (can't submit it as commercial), but sometimes it's hard to get photos accepted where a sculpture is the main subject of the photo.

The last one will probably get accepted if you get rid of the noise at the top.


The way I see it noise seems to be your main problem. Shutterstock reviewers are really very strict about noise. It usually happens in large areas of the same color like sky and water and in dark areas.



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7 minutes ago, balajisrinivasan said:

Hmm, I've had images that have looked far worse than yours that have been both approved and sold. My suggestion is, submit them and see. If they get rejected, just resize them to 8-10 megapixels and resubmit. Your images aren't really so bad.

I agree especially as it's more likely to be AI than actually real living filled with blood people looking at them.

The AI that Sstock has made public it uses seems to be very hit or miss as to whether it gives the correct analysis.

Good luck @ReadySmileClick

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1 hour ago, Studio 2 said:


The AI that Sstock has made public it uses seems to be very hit or miss as to whether it gives the correct analysis.


If that was the case, wouldn't everyone be dealing with the same amount of rejections? Because as far as I can tell, this forum is full of people who complain about having their images rejected for noise or focus while usually claiming it was unjustified, but this only happens to some people, while others don't seem to have problems getting images approved. If you make sure your image is noise-free and in focus, you won't have to deal with "random rejections" or any "hit or miss" analysis. It works for me. Food for thoughts.

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A good camera and lenses are important. But don't assume that you will recoup the expenses.
Murat does, but check out the quality of his photos and the amount. It also takes talent, editing programs and big commitment. It's harder to make money with Stocksites these days, but you can still do it if you have much talent.

I see that two of your photos have been accepted. 🙂


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