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Would someone review my Video port please

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I think you should change the title into something like: "Please review my port" to get more feedback here.

I'm not an expert (I'm still learning myself), but in my opinion you have too many closeups of things available to everyone and a big part of them have no (or very little) commercial value. Try to think why somebody would like to buy your photo, what purpose it could have... I like your creativity with some of your photos, but I don't see why anybody would like to buy for example closeup of a typical "Stanchion event rope to block access". Also some of your photos seem to be underexposed (I have the same problem).

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  • AngelaAllen changed the title to Would someone review my Video port please

Thanks Agnieszka

The photos are quite old I upload via Wirestock now but can't show that port - I upload only footage direct to SS.  Having said all that yes agree with you about the exposure, it was a slow realisation and even slower learning to correct.  I have worked on it and invested in some better decent lighting recently.  Which adds another problem of lighting decisions 😬

My best lens was a macro hence all the close ups.  Got a couple of different lenses now but I think I've just got so used to close ups it's a hard habit to break.

I live in an area that is not really a holiday destination so struggle to find locations of interest. 

Thanks for taking the time to feedback - it is appreciated.





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16 hours ago, AngelaAllen said:

Hi there

Probably being asked a million times but wondered if anyone could offer some criticism on my video portfolio please. 

Honestly I am trying to improve but perhaps some honest feedback might help know what I need to work on.

Thanks ever so much in advance.





I can only tell you how not to do it. You don’t have to make a video like mine, it’s not for sale at all (neither for $ 50, nor for 25 cents). Although most of the frames are archives, the download time was wasted.

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The video looks pretty good.  If I had anything to add, it would speed up your tracking shots by 20% to 50%, the ones you have aren't very dynamic.  What I usually do with these is crank up the frame rate as high as it will go, 60fps or 120fps, run the track at full speed, then slow it down in post.  It makes it easier to control and you get a way smoother shot.

With the photos, what jumped out at me are all the wired phones and modems.  That's basically a dead technology.

Keep an eye out for how marketable the photos are, how would somebody use this to sell a product or illustrate an editorial piece.  Still everyday items do sell, I just move a shot of a slice of pizza I was having for lunch.


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On 8/2/2021 at 1:10 PM, AngelaAllen said:

wondered if anyone could offer some criticism on my video portfolio please. 

Your tracking shots are exellent in my view. The technical quality and focus is good, it must be a good camera! 

I think you should brighten up the images and work on getting more pleasant colors that pop up in the editing.

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Thank you David and Oleschwander for feedback much appreciated.

GH5-s has in camera slider - not a problem I can dial in settings and try out different speeds.  

No I don't know either why I keep shooting outdated tech either - it's just stuff in my junk box 😞

And yes I don't know why but I'm almost afraid of bringing in lots of colour - I'll keep trying though.

Thank you again.



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