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How to post pictures on Shutterstock without error?

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Hi everyone, I don't know who had the same problem as me. When I post a photo on Shutterstock, my photo is upside down or skewed to one side. I have adjusted, re-uploaded a few times but it still crashes. Can you help me?

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Usually this can happen if the auto-rotate feature of the camera is turned off.

You can correct the orientation of  the original photos in a software (PS, LR) but after you do that, don't forget to save the image. Now you can try uploading it to SS.

Some software like Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Image Viewer, ......... are not able to change image origination.

I hope this helps.

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Please to see your post.

I am having a similar problem.  I'm not able to yield anything. The watchwords are as it were recovered from the primary picture. It's not conceivable to duplicate the catchphrases and glue them onto the another picture, and I get the message that my files have blunders, but there's no clarification to what kind of errors they have. Not one or the other is it conceivable to choose all or none of MyCardStatement transferred pictures some time recently submitting them. I can't tick the box for the one picture that has the catchphrases in put and yield it by itself either.

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