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Analysis of portfolios who rank on the first page of top-500 customer queries

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Hi all

I was collecting new data for Stock Photo Ideas after the feedback on top-100 customer queries by traffic. I took top-500 customer queries by traffic instead of top-100 this time and analyzed portfolios that were on the first pages of Shutterstock search for these queries. These are only queries for photo and video.

The results are published on Petapixel: https://petapixel.com/2021/07/23/how-to-rank-on-the-first-page-of-top-queries-on-stock-photo-sites/

Believe it or not, I found out that about 30% of portfolios that rank at least once on the first page have 1000 or less photos! Even though there were portfolios with as much as more than millions photos too.

Also I managed to capture an interesting SEO-"hack" that allowed some portfolios to capture as much as 1000 backlinks to their page on Shutterstock!

I hope you find it useful. Do you think I missed any interesting statistic?

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53 minutes ago, Taras Kushnir said:

I've probably missed these discussions. What were they denied to say about?

One contributor proclaimed at that time that contributors with a "piddly tiny portfolio" who don't have several thousand images in their portfolio don't have a clue about the microstock business, statistics, numbers, downloads and success, and therefore had better keep their mouths shut. Ultimately, it was about the age-old debate about quality vs. quantity.
But that belongs to the past and does not need to be revived now.

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Really interesting breakdown.  From my experience as a newspaper and commercial photographer, I find graphic designers are overwhelmingly looking for background images.  When I do a commercial food shoot, I often photograph the dishes on a plain grey background, then it's stripped out and plated onto a background image, or often several background images.

As for regular photos, the most used stock photos seem to be business oriented team photos.  The "two men in suites shaking hands" genre.  Back in the day photographers made a fortune off these shots, but today I don't know how you make anything, considering the relative high costs of those shoots (models, locations, wardrobe, etc), along with the $0.10 per shot rates.  There's also a 30 year backlog of those shots sitting in photo libraries.  

Most of my shots are outtakes from commercial shoots or whatever I grab on my travels.  I find that photos of places that are off the tourist routes (urban and rural Africa is a big seller for me).  I live in Whistler, a huge Canadian resort, and there are so many photos available that you can barely give a photo from here away.

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