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Hi all.

I recently read a quote from the book "The $ 12 Million Stuffed Shark by Don Thompson". I did not find the original text and therefore I use google translator, I hope the translation will be clear. "Bright colors sell better than faded ones. Horizontal paintings are better than vertical ones. Nude is sold for more than modesty, and a naked woman's body is more expensive than a man's. Boucher's nude woman costs ten times more than his naked man. Work ...
Subject work sells better than landscapes. A still life with flowers is more expensive than a still life with fruits, and a rose is more expensive than a chrysanthemum. The calm water in the painting increases its value (remember Monet's Water Lilies); rough water reduces (think seascapes). A shipwreck is even cheaper "

The author writes about paintings, but I think this applies to photography as well. About horizontal, bright and landscapes I absolutely agree with the author. What is your experience?

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The more I shoot and the more I paint (water color), I get the feeling that there is not much of a difference. Only the medium of expression is different. So, as you said, about horizontal, bright and landscapes - I absolutely agree. For others , I think what the author wrote, applies to photography or any other medium or any other form of art , as well.




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