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I have received a letter from Shutterstock that my payment will be paid out in May.

Total Payment: $302.13 (To be paid by 2021-05-15)
Your Shutterstock Contributor ID: 2877652
Payment Type: Paypal
Payment Email: mail@flamefoxes.com

The money is still not on my PayPal account.

Contributor Care team said that the payment was rejected by PayPal, but PayPal says there were no incoming transactions from Shutterstock. 

Has anyone faced the same problem? 

Contributor Care team, maybe you can at least answer my letter? You're supposed to answer within 24 hours, but there is silence from you for almost a week.

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I recently had a similar problem with Adobe. Our local paypal introduced additional identification and the payment was automatically blocked. I have already submitted data to Paypal before, but they requested new data. I sent the data to the packpal, but there was no money on Adobe or on the paypal. I wrote in support of Paypal and Adobe twice. Both said that there was no money anywhere, each said that the problem was in it, but after the last appeal to Adobe, the money was returned.

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