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Hello everyone!

I do have a big question. I am working with gradient meshes lately, but I am wondering, how can I crop a gradient mesh. If I use a clipping mask, I get a rejection from SS saying (I try to translate from German, maybe the message ist different in english) that " there is stuff outside of my artboard https://showbox.tools/".

So how do I handle a gradient mesh that goes outside of the artboard? Is there a trick or something? Or do I have to crop before adding the gradient?

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I know this is a stupid answer - but can’t you avoid to go outside the artboard ..? Or are you sure there’s not a small object hiding somewhere outside the artboard? 

Another thing is that Shutterstock is more picky with the artboard borders than other agencies so sometimes I make the artwork a tiny bit smaller than the artbord.

I don’t know how experienced you are, but here’s a little guide to cut gradient meshes:


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