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Why Logo template gets sell multiple times?

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On 7/12/2021 at 3:27 AM, Shijune01 said:

Hello, I want to know something. Why the logo template gets sell a thousand times when a logo should go to only one company?

What’s the point of reselling logo template?


Firstly, the profit from selling multiple times the same product. Secondly, it's created a brand around the seller that in time will bring more and more clients.



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14 hours ago, Shijune01 said:

Merhaba, bir şey öğrenmek istiyorum. Bir logonun tek bir şirkete gitmesi gerekirken neden logo şablonu binlerce kez satılıyor?

Logo şablonunu yeniden satmanın amacı nedir?


The use of the design as a logo is charged separately. Therefore, it cannot use the design as a brand logo. It just downloads as vector and uses it in applications other than logo.

You can exercise your legal rights when you see that the iconic logo design you have made is used as a logo by the brand. An acquaintance of mine saw that the icon he made in 2014 was used as a logo. And he received serious money from the brand that used it. This process took place before the lawyers got involved. If he had not signed with the brand, he could have gotten more money.

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