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A (rather special and in black and white) video sold twice today for 0,25 cent each … strange …!?

I have a small port, so I keep uploading and my monthly target is to beat my previous mounth's downloads. I had 10dls in May, 12 in June, so far I have 5 in July. No video sales yet, not expecting mir

It's never enough, Thijs! 

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July 2021 started quite well with sale of two videos then went downhill for two weeks before getting another video sale to help prop up earnings for the month. July 2021 is now ahead of July 2020 and there's still a week to go. Of course June 2021 didn't come in anywhere near June 2020 but that was a freak month as the earnings graph below (since I started in February 2019) shows.

Adobe Stock started to pick up in sales before dropping off again and haven't had one sale there this week. With exception of the 2020-21 Christmas-New Year period, the last time I had no sales for a week on AS was in May 2020. AS customers are probably feasting on the offer of free images a number of contributors signed up to (I didn't). Elsewhere, disappointingly haven't had a sale on Pond5 for over two months. I guess this shows that despite the frustrating low commissions on many sales (in particular images for mine) Shutterstock remains the better performer than do the other agencies. Let's see what the next and last week of the month brings.  



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