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First they slap us in the face with the 'new earning structure' (a tool to undermine the hard work of contributors) and now faced with late payments without any word from the admins. This is just one

What unnecessary impatience, I received the amount requested yesterday, June 9, 2021 on Paypal. This time again and since 2017, I have always been paid between the 7th and the 12th of the month. Fra

That's the second time this year. Extremely fast in cutting contributor commissions and paying out dividends to stakeholders, but keeping their IT-department and Financial department running is too mu

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20 minutes ago, Masson said:

Don't you know ShutterStock? )))))

I know Shutterstock, still I don't fabricate some stories about DOS attacks, or, at least, if I think that's what is happening without any such statement from Shutterstock, I clearly state that this is my personal made up theory and don't present it as a fact.

Payment is made by the 15th. Sure, usually it arrives earlier, but there is a reason why SS sets the 15th as a deadline.

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