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Intellectual property error, correct or not?

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Hi! I am not very old with stock photography and I do errors with this stuff. So I wanted to ask if this error is correct and should I not try to upload this file here anymore, or did the Ai do poor job with this file? Basically it's saying: "Content contains subject matter that potentially infringes on intellectual property rights (e.g. artwork, writing, sheet music, isolated modern architecture, or other objects protected by copyright)." As you can see, for Adobe stock this same ship was completely okay without any additional explanations or property releases: https://stock.adobe.com/fi/stock-photo/id/341411499
The city photo with church they say that it contains visible trademark, but I was not able to see any sort of a trademark anywhere.

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Yeah, the files were cancelled again. Tho now the ship image was said to be out of focus, which is not true, but I won't use more time with it.
The other image says that there is some trademark visible. I was sure that I removed all the logos from the umbrellas, but yeah. Idk do I wanna use time for that either. I'll test my luck in Adobe stock maybe.

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