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Why does this boring water tower picture sell internationally?

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I took this picture of a town water-tower, thinking it might at best be useful for a few local media stories.  It isn't setting the world on fire but it has been selling pretty steadily including to buyers in the Netherlands, Israel, Philippines and Romania.  I am just curious--what can they be using it for?




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In some film, in which the young Cher played, if I'm not mistaken, they swam in similar water tower. Perhaps everyone thinks that this is very same tower.
Joke :)  To be honest, it's hard for me to explain this phenomenon.

When in our Ukraine the former first lady Marina Poroshenko opened the only inclusive park at that time, I took about 20 pictures of disabled children and children with special needs. To tell the truth, I was so embarrassed to take them off because I saw how embarrassed they were that I took them off. At first I thought that local or national media would buy them a couple of times, and then they simply would not be needed by anyone. 
But it was not there!
They are bought by all countries of the world, and even for some reason the island countries of Pacific, about which I did not even know that they are.
IMHO, the world is oversaturated with everything natural and normal. There are more and more perverts. They are in politics, government, in the highest echelons of power, etc. Now, in order to be respected, you have to be a representative of LGBT people, or sympathize with them, you have to smoke marijuana on the air, brag that you are autistic or down, or be a cripple, and so on.
I apologize, but this is exactly the impression I have.

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