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Hi Guys,
I changed the account from personnel to business,

and now I have a huge problem with shutterstock contributor support. They refuse this tax form non-stop, and when I ask them what I need to fill out, they don't know what I need to fill out.
What frustrates me the most is that I get the following answers: Dear Milenko, Thanks for sending your w8 BENE. In order to provide you with the best solution for this issue, I’ll need to review this information with my team.
This is already 3-4 email that they answered to me like this

In addition, they persistently deny me tax forms that other agencies have already accepted

The worst thing is that every time a different person answers me who always brings me back to the beginning, in fact they just pass this problem on and no one focuses on solving it.
Very unprofessional treatment towards me who have been here for 10 years.

Im sole proprietorshipnon US resident, entrepreneur from Serbia, I'm not a llc, or a company.
Is there any example of a filled out W8BEN-E non US resident for sole proprietorship?
Please, this correspondence with the SS lasts for a month and I do not see that it will be resolved soon.

Supposedly lines 4 and 5 must be filled out,
but sole proprietorship is none of those offered on line/section 4

Also, how can I complain about the irresponsible behavior of a contributor supporter, because it’s obvious that they’re just forwarding my problem to another person and doing it in a circle for a month now.

Please if anyone knows how to fill out, please help me.

Thank You.



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