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Payout Problems Second month -.-

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Hey Folks

Im an active contributor for years, never had an payout issue, but now, since last month and now its looking to happen again.

I urgently need my money but the automatic payout isnt working.

Got this Email on asking last month:

"Thanks for reaching out to Shutterstock Contributor Care

Unfortunately, the payment of accrued earnings on your account was not issued in the most recent pay cycle due to an error in the logic that pulls together accounts eligible for payouts. We apologize for this error and are working with our tech teams to correct this issue to ensure that payments are made in the next payment cycle. You can expect to receive your total accrued earnings by June 15. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused and thank you for your understanding."

And now no payout Email and the Sales still stacking up.

I really really need that fixed :-(

Anyone similar Problems ? Thanks !

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1 hour ago, Tobias Arhelger said:

And now no payout Email and the Sales still stacking up.

It is only the first day of the month where I live. We never get the payout email this early.

If there was a bug last month, that doesn't mean it will be this month too. You have no reason to worry before the 15th, IMO.

Fingers crossed.

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