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Which lens is most suitable for photographing texture? I have a Sony A7III camera with 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS kit lens. Not sure if my kit lens is good enough for texture photography. I’m a 3D artist and I need textures for my 3D projects.

Any advice on texture photography would help a lot. I'm new to photography.

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Texture is processing  and editing program and also adjusting the lighting. have way to capture texture in photography requires capturing sharp details, means need to use a high aperture settings.


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Beware using aperture settings beyond f11 (f16, f22 etc) as diffraction causes the images to become softer rather than sharper. Resolution is not the same as depth of field and most modern lenses resolve best (best fine detail) between f4 and f8. Prime lenses usually have better resolution characteristics than zoom lenses and if the Sony/Zeiss prime lens is too expensive, there are plenty of good and cheaper alternatives from Sigma and Tamron. Your present zoom lens and camera combination is probably sufficient for your purposes considering that you don't have the Sony R camera which was used for these tests.

Here's a test of your lens:


As you can see from the resolution charts, the lens performs best at around 50mm at f4 -f5.6. At f8 the center resolution has dropped a little but the corners have improved slightly. Beyond f8 the resolution decreases markedly both in the center and at the corners and extremities.


Sony 28-75mm Res.jpg

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