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Hello Guys, I am your shutterstock new Contributor

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I take pictures of nature and upload them to the shutter stock, But all my pictures are being rejected?

What can I do? My pictures will be approved and will not be rejected. If the experts say so, I would be very helpful.

Please help me.😷

Screenshot (52).png

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Well it says focus and noise so it might be the photos aren't in focus and/or are noisy.

Its impossible for any of us to tell from a tiny thumbnail snapshot.  If you attach full resolution images here (or crops of them) then someone can take a look and see what the problems are.

Nobody can help without images.

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I'm not doing it full time and I'd never recommend anyone to go down that route unless they're submitting hundreds of files a week. Even then depending on the quality of your product, you'd have a hard time living off that. I think to match my current wage I'd need to be selling upwards of 7,000 photos a month, or 1,000 vectors which is insane! Saying that, shutterstock pays more when you reach certain stages of income.



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