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Start by quantity portfolio or trend portfolio?

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I am new to stock photography, basically because I like to learn a lot about photography, experiment, etc. and I thought why not start something that eventually throws out a few bucks. I am not sure if this is still possible from 2019 or if agencies took over and https://showbox.tools/ an individual amateur photographer has no chance at all to gain visibility. However, as a start I am asking myself the following question:

Should I focus on quantity (shoot/upload as many good photos as possible) or on trend by shooting only specific require photos?

Usually stock platforms even give hints on what kind of photos and motives are requested. What is your suggestion on that?

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Both. There is absolutely no point in focusing on quantity alone. If you have a million of useless photos no one wants to buy in your portfolio, all you have is wasted a lot of time.

"Good photos" is a rather relative term. What defines a "good photo"? Technical aspects? Shutterstock has  a review process where they check your photos for technical flaws. Visual appealing photos? Just because something is nice to look at, doesn't mean it will sell.
There is a difference between a "good photo" in an art gallery and a "good photo" in microstock and both a not necessarily the same.

On microstock the no. 1 thing to focus on with photos is usefulness to the customer. One single useful picture will generate you more sales than 1000 useless pictures, no matter how pretty they are to look at. The tricky part is figuring out what is useful. And then it's of course best to have as many useful pictures as possible.

Shutterstock has a monthly list of what motives are "in demand". They call it the "shot list":

You can go by that if you like. Almost every month the topics include something diversity, body positivity or LGTB related and in 90% cases they suggest topics that require you to have models available, so the shot list isn't really useful to everyone. Personally I find looking at various news site online and paying attention to what photos they use more helpful.

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