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A decent Smartphone camera for uploading and taking good shots

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Hey,  everyone I click photos from my smartphone (Realme 3 Pro), I have tried uploading images but it always shows focus, noise as main rejection reasons even when the subject is in focus and with goo lighting condition. I have tried different types of photos and ideas to get good images. I want to know weather it is the issue of my smartphone or the camera sensor for the rejection of the images 




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I hate my smartphone for photography because it's a cheapo Oppo72A....but I have seen the results from an iPhone12 Pro max and they are very good indeed even at 100% screen. Still have a preference though for my DSLRs (at least you can see in bright sunlight unlike my phone screen) or Sony A6000 which now costs around 1/3rd of an iPhone12ProMax incl 16-50mm lens!

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