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Hi again :D
I've uploaded several 3d-renders and created a file that I can use to create patterns. I am sure that the clients would like to be able to select from the patterns something that fits more to the project they are working with, but Shutterstock thinks these are too similar. Are these for real too similar, or am I tripping?


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I'm a new contributor, currently submitting a huge back catalog of drone footage. Having had a 100% acceptance rate with other stock footage providers, I am finding the rejection rate for "similar footage" here to be outrageous. I thought the idea was to give creators options? Surely shooting the same theme from different angles, different lighting/mood, different subject focus, and most of all different camera movements (eg orbit vs dolly vs pedestal vs trucking), would be to the benefit of content consumers. But to have just one accepted, and the remainder refused for "similar"? AARRGGHH!!

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Yeah, I am having the same problem. It feels like that they for sure don't like if the new file represents the old one by any means. Sometimes it seems that you can upload the file again after few weeks, or something and then it's okay, but you gotta wait. 

Now I am fighting with another problem. I waited with this file and it still was rejected.

I made a 3d-model of a coffee cup, but it's rejected, because I made the same scene with different materials. The rejected one is golden and the approved one is ceramic. Do I need to delete the ceramic one to be able to upload this golden one? Or how do I need to work with this? I certainly can understand why the client would wanna be able to select between these two.

Or do I make new one with different angle or something?



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thanks for sharing your concern.  
once you can try to upload only 1 image at a time from your collection. you can able to make collection of 60-70 images but each time add to review one image from your collection. still I'm not check it is work or no but I think it can work.




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