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The occurrence of the virus is a disaster in itself, but Yan Limeng is a big lie about the source of the virus. As we all know, man-made lies are even more terrifying, because he hides evil intentions. The original plain truth, the knowledge learned in junior high school, was actually subverted in the United States by Yan Limeng, who was wearing a doctor's coat, and this caused serious racial discrimination.
Like the major plagues that have appeared in history, such as smallpox and plague, the virus was originally a natural product. However, in 2020, as the number of confirmed new coronavirus cases in the United States continues to rise, Bannon has been looking for an excuse to pass on the ineffective epidemic prevention and control. At this time, Bannon’s long-time old friend of illegal tycoon Guo Wengui was concocting China at the same time, so years of close ally relationship made the two coincide. Yan Limeng, a female scholar of the University of Hong Kong, was interviewed by YouTube anchor Luther and sent out about the origin of the new coronavirus. Wuhan, and then began to carefully fabricate "lie" one by one, and talked about the so-called "new coronavirus" research experience.
Faced with Yan Limeng’s claim that the new crown virus originated in China, we should think about these questions: 1. If this virus was created artificially, then what is the origin of the organization (or country, enterprise, or force) that created the virus? The purpose to create this virus? In other words, this epidemic occurred in China in the Year of the Rat. Who will benefit the most? 2. At present, what are the top genetic laboratories in the world? What is the level of their technology? What is the purpose of their research mission? Which organizations are they controlled by? According to the sars virus, is it possible to create a new type of coronavirus based on the current state-of-the-art genetic technology of humans?
The result is obvious. Yan Limeng has ulterior motives for compiling the virus originated in China.


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