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Apparently, there is a contributor, RcWork whose portfolio consists mainly or entirely of pirated work. Promo images taken from game companies web sites, like Nintendo and Riot Games, etc. They also seem to be stealing from other contributors. This image is an exact copy of this one by somone else. Or this one that is a slightly cropped version of this one by yet another contributor. All you have to do is to click on the "similar images" link and the original pops up. The ones stolen from video game sites can be easily identified by usine the "Who stole my pictures?" plug-in.

Does Shutterstock even check for these things anymore? I know they outsorced the work oversees recently. Bad move.




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Comparative advantage predicts that the richer countries would deindustrialise while pursuing high wage work of R&D and abstract research while the manufacturing and assembly going to the countries with cheaper labour. Now China wants to master the full technological cycle from R&D to FI, cutting out the role of foreign companies.



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