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How to fix titles from images that doesn't meet Shutterstock bureaucracy?

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I've uploaded around 100 3d-renders to Shutterstock and I titled all, or most of them with name "3d render of ..." Then some of those images were rejected with the following reason:

"3D Title/Keywords Requirement: 3D images require the phrase "3D illustration" or "3D rendering" in the title and keywords."

So I am guessing that because I wrote "3d render" and not "3d rendering", my images were cancelled? I am already suspecting that they are going to force me to upload all of those images again, but I am still having slight hope that something can be done, which I've not yet figured out. Uploading this stuff is a huge job. Now it actually is even bigger job, because I need to figure out which of those were rejected and which ones were not. A thing I really would not wanna use too much time. 

Do any of you have an idea of how to make this process little less painful in future?
Can I for example upload with FTP or something? Thank you! :)

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