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No sales? Is my work so bad?

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3 hours ago, Sahib Johal said:

I'm not getting any sales and I've been here for a while

You have several problems that are holding you back from sales.

Your images aren't very commercial, in other words they are not very useful to buyers. Why would they buy them? What will they use them for? (Questions to ask yourself that will help you to provide images that buyers will want).

There are very many images like yours already in the SS catalogue and very many that are more appealing visually to buyers. I suggest you look at similar images to yours and ask yourself which you would buy if you where a buyer. Use this info to improve your images.

You have very few images in your port. To get regular sales you need a lot more images. A handful will only get you sales if they are highly commercial and unique which is very hard to achieve.

Your descriptions and keywords are what will get your images seen by the buyers. Give as much if not more attention to these areas. Describe what is in your images. Imagine you are describing them to someone who is sight impaired. If there is a concept or emotion include that as well. But avoid anything that is irrelevant. I see you included that you took the photo from your hotel room in the one image I looked at. That is irrelevant to a buyer, they don't care. Never include anything unless it is actually in the photo. Anything behind the camera or your feelings behind the camera are irrelevant.
You can find lots of information about descriptions and keywords in the contributor blog and the support center, both found from your dashboard. Or search this forum. There is loads of useful info if you look for it.

So try to improve the subject matter of your photos, as well as the quality (Youtube is your friend if you can't do a course or join a camera club to improve photography). 
Improve your descriptions and keywords so your images can be found to be bought.
Upload as many images as you can, but not just more of the same, try different things. Different subjects, concepts anything you can think of. When you get sales ask yourself why? Or why others aren't selling. This way you will learn what works and what doesn't and therefore what to do more of and what to do less of.

This isn't a get rich quick thing. You have to put a lot of time and effort into this to get off the ground. If you treat it like a job, or love what you are doing you'll be OK, otherwise you'll be very quickly disappointed and loose interest. Especially now that sales can be as low as 10c per download. Some people do do very well though. It really depends on your expectations and the effort you are prepared to put in.

Good luck for your first sale.


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I'm still learning myself but I'm fully agree with Linda with all her points.

You need to have much more photos with commercial value to see any income.

And the description and keywords are very important. I didn't check all your photos, but what I noticed: you have too generic titles and some of your keywords are not correct. For example one of your photos is described as "The mountains and the island". It's too generic. If you search on the SS "mountains island" you will got above 1.5 million existing photos that you want to compete with... so you need be more specific to have more chances to be noticed by the potential buyers.

In my opinion it's good to add the mountains name or/and the lake name or at least the country or region of the world where is this. Some buyers are looking for specific places, so it's good to include this info in the description (also in the keywords). And the keywords for this photo contains for example: "europe" and "north america", so which one is true? Please don't spam the keywords with not relevant terms, it's a bad practice which just give a bad experience to the buyers.

Another thing: don't repeat the same shot (the same subject view with the same weather conditions). In your portfolio you have 4 photos with the same description: "Enjoy the calm water of this lake" (again the description is too generic, "this lake" will not reach any potential buyer) and the 3 of them are the same from the buyer's perspective. As photographer I can see small changes in the foreground, but for the buyer it's still the same view of the lake with mountains in the background. By the way, I'm surprised that you were able to upload them all. I usually had rejections for similar content with photos much more different from each other than yours.

Also I can recommend to read existing threads on the forum. There are many good advices there already. And you can also look at the thread about showing last downloads to give you ideas what sells. Just keep in mind that not everybody on SS show their sales on the forum, it's just a very small part of SS contributors, but at least it can point you in some directions.

Good luck.


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Hi there,

Linda is right her comment. Agnieszka too. 

You really have not enough pictures. If you want to make some money you need thousands pics with various subject, and proper caption/keywords. 

As for quality, you have room for improvement. 


This one for example has too much sky and not enough foreground (it's cut). You also have a big dust trace in the middle left.


This one is too dark (subject underexposed) and you also have the dust trace. 


This one seems to have a lot of noise, a pronounced vignetting, too much sky and the horizon isn't straight...

Microstock is a very competitive field. Good luck on your journey 👍


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