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Xpiks starts Stock Photo Ideas newsletter with detailed demand analytics

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Hey folks

I'm happy to present you a new service: Stock Photo Ideas. The main purpose is to provide contributors with very detailed analysis of relevant content, existing competition and customers demand 2 months in advance before the topic will be relevant.

You will get lots of subniches analyzed e.g. for such a saturated topic as Memorial day you will find that there is "memorial day cartoon" that is being searched by lots of customers and has only 4,800 existing works (in comparison to 403,000 of existing works for "memorial day" itself) or that there's still room in COVID-19 subtopic of "vaccination scar" being searched by many customers and having only 500 existing works.

Take a look at a newsletter example here to get a feeling how does it look like (around 70 niches analysis for May 2021). Newsletter itself is created by Xpiks (this forum's thread).

This newsletter will provide right tips at the right time so you will create only relevant content that will get sold.

I'm very curious to hear what you think about it!

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