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A bit frustrating. Getting illustations approved.

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New here, since January. I'd like to travel and making photo's during my holidays and I like drawing which I did for a few years a bit more profesional during the 90's an 00. Due to the pandemic I had some more free time on my hand and thought let's do second attempt (did an attempt on dreamstime couple of years ago) with a stockphoto website to make some money with my backlog of photo's and pictures, and also create some new work. Already earned a dollar (and 1 cent) so the beginning is there! 

Yesterday I created a caricature of a dutch politician named Pieter Omtzigt. 1st attempt in JPG dissaproved due Rasterization Quality. Oh common! I scanned it at 600 DPI and the highest quality JPG. Oh whatever.. I turned it into a EPS using Adobe Illustrator. Now dissaproved due to Intellectual Property, Title and keywords 😕.. They don't like dutch politicians?  Title is: Caricature of Pieter Omtzigt. Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) 

Tx for advice..


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