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Super 8mm Movie Film to Digital

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I realize this is completely unrelated to stock, but does anyone own a home Super 8mm film digitizer?  It looks like a movie projector.  It converts Super 8 movies to a digital movie file by scanning each frame individually, then advancing the film, etc.  It uses a CMOS sensor and an LED panel https://mobdro.bio/ https://kodi.bio/.

I've looked at the Reflecta, the Hammacher Schlemmer and the Wolverine.  The HS for $499 is the unit I'm leaning toward purchasing at the moment.  I've read the Reflecta for $1,400 has its share of mechanical problems and the Wolverine for $249 only scans at 720p instead of the 1080p that I want, with a rather narrow contrast range and visible compression artifacts.

A company called MovieStuff has the Retro 8, and it does a great job, but at $2,600+, it's way out of my budget.

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