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So long and thanks for all the forum fun

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Hey folks,

I wanted to let you all know that today's my last day as a Shutterstock employee. I'm moving on to work at a small startup in New York, which I hope is as fun and inspiring as my time at Shutterstock has been.

Alex and Anna are still around to keep an eye on things, but, as always, the fastest way to get help is to use the contact us form or email submit@shutterstock.com. 

Thank you all for keeping me on my toes, sharing all your amazing work with us, and helping each other grow and learn here on the forum. In my 5 years, I like to think I became a real Shutterstock expert, though I never got any better at taking photos 😜.

Best wishes to all of you. 



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On 14/04/2021 at 19:14, Kate Shutterstock said:

Ei pessoal,

Queria avisar a todos que hoje é meu último dia como funcionário da Shutterstock. Estou passando a trabalhar em uma pequena startup em Nova York, que espero que seja tão divertida e inspiradora quanto meu tempo na Shutterstock foi.

Alex e Anna ainda estão por perto para ficar de olho nas coisas, mas, como sempre, a maneira mais rápida de obter ajuda é usando o formulário de contato ou e-mail submit@shutterstock.com. 

Obrigado a todos por me manterem alerta, compartilhando todo o seu trabalho incrível conosco, e ajudando uns aos outros a crescer e aprender aqui no fórum. Em meus 5 anos, gosto de pensar que me tornei um verdadeiro especialista em Shutterstock, embora nunca tenha melhorado em tirar fotos  😜 .

Muitas felicidades para todos vocês. 



Boa sorte Kate! Ótimo, você começa a trabalhar com a start-up! 

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Sorry to hear you are leaving SS, but wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

Surely you have a good backbone also having to deal with the ‘negative’ on this forum besides having fun.

Therefore, I have no doubt you will succeed in whatever you will do, as long as you will stay you 😉

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my shutterstock contributor account is cahid.ahmedli@gmail.com.

I sent it to me in the attachment. I received the text as in the picture and my shutterstock account was blocked. 
But I did not use these pictures. I have not infringed the copyright of these images. (1964658841, 1964658847, 1964658850).

I did not upload the images below to my shutterstock account.


Please take a closer look at my shutterstock account. I did not upload a copyrighted image to my shutterstock account. Can you help me please?: (

Screen Shot 2021-05-26 at 10.36.43.png

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Oh! Kate's gone? Guess I've not been on here for a while as I just logged in and found a big WARNING message from her as I apparently hijacked a thread!! Oops, don't remember doing that (other than posting relevant opinions on reductions in contributor royalties!).

Hope she's gone somewhere nicer.



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