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I haven't uploaded any new images or posted on the forum for a while now having been busy doing other things. I do drop in from time to time but all the while my sales have been gradually dwindling and dwindling. I have a few that continue to sell on a fairly regular basis but I imagine the sheer number of images available now makes it extremely difficult to see anything like decent return on new images. Plus my pics are probably a bit tired now.

I'm considering just waiting for the next payout and then delete everything or is microstock still worth the effort?

One thing I am considering is to just delete my account and make a fresh start from scratch with all new content. Just a challenge more than an attempt to make any money.

So my question is to new contributors really. What's your experience like if you have just started in the last 12 months?


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You can probably answer your own question about whether Microstock is worth it given your longevity in it. You have a rich history of data so I would rather ask you, what are sales like for yourself? How far have they 'dwindled'?

I started in February 2019 (started uploading video in July 2019) so outside the period you ask about. Nonetheless I share my graph below (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 2020 / Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 2021 in red for easy comparison) which shows each month here on Shutterstock going back to when I started. I think it provides a pretty good picture of what it's like for a contributor with 2 years experience and reasonably consistent uploads. I been concentrating more on uploading video in recent times as it still pays comparatively more in my experience.

You might like to reconsider deleting your assets and starting afresh as Shutterstock reviews have gone bat sh!t crazy in recent weeks. Rejections are random and off the charts at the moment. I'm hoping the current review process returns to some level of sanity again soon. Test the review process yourself and see if you can still get a batch of images accepted, you might have a better outcome. 





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10 hours ago, pjmorley said:

One thing I am considering is to just delete my account and make a fresh start from scratch with all new content. Just a challenge more than an attempt to make any money.


I definitely wouldn't encourage you to do the above for various reasons including:

a. the drastic pay cut really doesn't make the effort worthwhile.  I get 10 cents now for the vast majority of my photos. 

b. ODs etc are fewer and farther between than they once were - they have also been reduced in value considerably.  This is probably due to the combined factors of the worldwide pandemic and Sstock only now being interesting in the subscription model. The reduction in value though is due to the 'new' (not so new now) pay structure.

b. the AI used in reviewing is a complete nightmare.  I tried uploading 2 new photos this week for the first time in almost year (since the pay cut), just to see if I could get them accepted, and they were rejected.  I also deleted some photos that had previously sold a few months ago and tried to re-upload them but only some of them were accepted.

c.  there is vast competition now.

However, I personally see deleting your port as self-defeating.

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