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Hi Everyone,

the review team is rejecting me some illustrations for similar content, 
the fact is that they are images of chemical elements in which the substance changes, for example gold silver etc etc. 
Is there a way to make them understand that they are totally different and that a customer 
may want to purchase an image for each substance?



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While yours is different and a hex, instead of a rectangle, this could be part of the reason? How many Chemical Elements do you see, that are similar in a hex shape illustration? 30 pages of the same subjects and similar designs.?




Or the AI is stupid and sees only the basic shape. 😉

Just an idea, I can't say for sure. Similar to others, not just your own.


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20 hours ago, Doug McLean said:

Email support and explain what is happening, and ask for a case number to use when submitting.


Cool that's a great bit of advise for images in a series that are actually different.


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