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consistantly getting photos rejected for noise

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I am seriously getting tired of submitting hundreds of photos just for them to be rejected. I then resubmit the same ones the next day without any issues. I tend to find if you submit one at  a time they will all be accepted but if I batch submit 99% will be rejected. I have contacted Shutterstock and spoke with someone there and showed them some photos and they said there's absolutely nothing wrong with my photos and said that its just down to photographer bias on how they would have taken a photo. well guess what we dont all take photos the exact same way. Ive also noticed that the way Shutterstock compresses photos is just unbelievable. On my pictures before uploading the quality is so good I can zoom right in before I notice anything but once its uploaded all I can see is noise due to its compression. you just cant win. They really need an option for resubmission because I am tired of copy and pasting all the text to hundreds of photos daily.

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Welcome to my world. In my case, I have photos constantly rejected because of focus problems, but the images are perfect and ok, I never upload nothing out of focus if is not shoot on purpose. This is something that does not work fine in shutterstock algorithm, it makes contributors to reupload once again the images and apply note for reviewer "previously submited", and it works most of the times. This issue takes energy, time, and resources from the contributor and the shutterstock systems, they should do something to fix that... Is not very ecological.

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