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After a pretty dismal month, I've woken up to find that I've sold 5 images at $137... each! Great start to the day!!

I had that yesterday.  I sold 2 photos.  Not sure I can cope with that sort of excitement too often.

The time of miracles is not over yet ...    

Posted Images

April was a bit weird...

I had a nice start, then nothing for few days. It lasted till I had 10 downloads in a day for the first time, followed by a regular download pattern for the rest of the month even though I have more days without download than previous months. I had my first EL and a nice SOD so the month is good. Yesterday I had 18 downloads, so 2 times more than my max before (but only 2.25$). ODDs just disappeared after the 15th. My referral contributor had less downloads compared to previous months so I hope for her she had a good RPD. For me, I had a regular number of downloads compared to the previous months.

Good month for me. 


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7 hours ago, Studio 2 said:

I had that yesterday.  I sold 2 photos. 

Not sure I can cope with that sort of excitement too often.

Yeah, difficult innit! 😁 On track to be WME (9 years) but just beat Jan 2021 by a few bucks to be 2nd WME.

DLs on the low side but not significantly so...poor month due to lack of big SODs and ELs which are the only things worth hanging around for.

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7 hours ago, Steven Tritton said:

Had a strong finish to the month on SS as well with 42.5% of earnings just in the last two days!



Similar in a way.  Its pretty much always the case the final few days of a month balance up and it did again, dragging a poor month to roughly the "new" average (or as i used to call it, awful...).

A few $100+ days last week took the total up to just about acceptable.

AS still won though....

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Just worked out RPDs.

Average RPD per image: $0.64

Average RPD per video: $14.40


2021 is maddeningly inconsistent on SS with RPDs per month varying wildly.  Images have varied from 0.39 to 0.85 and video from $5 to $17.

Basically, every month now is roll the dice and hope you win.

Pre cuts the RPDs were very very consistent month to month.

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Its all over the place.  January was $5.  Feb was $17. Mar was $7 and now $14.

Depends how many sub $1 streaming "sales" you get.  And i'm getting *a lot*.

Nothing more demoralising than seeing your top selling clip for years going time and time again for $0.34.

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8 hours ago, Doug Jensen said:

I wonder why it is so low.   My RPD  for video in April was $25.91.

When I look at your first page I understand Doug.
Amazon rain forest fire, Elon Musk of SpaceX, Atlas V Rocket lifts off from launch pad 41 at Kennedy Space Center, Veterans Day Parade, World War II paratroopers dropping into battlefield during war. 
Topics that sell well I think and ... just like your videos of more general topics of a quality that shows you are a professional.

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April 2021 was better than April 2020.
All agencies added up, I had 100 downloads more – statistical noise. In terms of revenue, it's a 30% increase.
Only for shutterstock it is a plus of 27,6%, for the competitor it is a plus of 76%, because there April 2020 was extremely bad.

Compared to March 2021, however, I have a few hundred downloads less overall. And accordingly also significantly less revenue.


Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-02 um 10.45.32.png

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Past month I had worst RPD ever on any agency without any question. I actually got more money from handful of rejected images reuploded by WS than from my whole port here.
Generally speaking SS have never really worked for me, I have much better results elsewhere.

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