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Unpaid Earning is showing $0. But there is no transaction have been done

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Congrats, I believe this will be your first payment...

It usually takes a few days to SS to do the payment. You might received a notification before the 7th of the month, and get your money on your bank account a few days later.

Balance reset occurs usually during the first 3 days of the month when you reach payout...

Just be a little more patient 😃

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18 hours ago, Awana JF said:

Just be a little more patient 😃

The answer for roughly half the forum help-sos.gif questions?

Balance reset happens Midnight in New York USA when the date changes to the 1st of the month. GMT -5 in other words. I don't know if the computers change for Daylight Savings time? 🥺 Might be GMT -4 this time of year.

The earnings page also changes to $0 and the new month, at the same time. If the month hasn't changed, then the earnings aren't processed yet. A nice easy way to cross check.   https://submit.shutterstock.com/earnings?language=en


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