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Well I have been waiting to get either a Panny GH5 or a Fuji XT2 for some while I have been looking at Sony Panasonic Olympus Fuji and could not decide. I was looking for a pocketable camera I could take with me to get more stock photo shots when they arise. I am happy with my D750 and lenses but I have been missing to many shots by not having my gear with me. Today I went into my local dealer to look at the Fuji XT20 and walked out owning a the Fuji X100F silver edition https://speedtest.vet/. That was not my plan but when I looked through the viewfinder I was sold. I used to own the Yashica T5 film camera with Fuji velvia this camera reminds me of those days. I am fixed with a 35mm focal range but the thought of more lenses swayed me to go back to a more retro style of photography. I just thought I would share this. Anyone own the Fuji X100 series cameras any tips and advice most welcome.

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