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What is the difference between commercial and editorial. 

At the time of submission, under Usage tab there are two options Commercial and Editorial. Which one should i opt between two.

I upload vectors and illustrations on shutterstock, So which option should i opt between Commercial and Editorial?

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Firn's link should give you the answer.

But as you submit illustrations I'll also direct you to this link which covers editorial illustrations https://support.submit.shutterstock.com/s/article/Editorial-Illustrations-Submission-guidelines?language=en_US

In a nut shell all images should be submitted as commercial unless they have any editorial elements in them. That may be brands, logos, recognisable designs, unreleased people or property, etc. Editorial should also be newsworthy in some way. 

Here's a couple of links to explain editorial submitions. Hopefully when you've read through all the links you should understand the difference between commercial and editorial and when and how to use them.


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