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Is Carstickers a legitimate SS agent?

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Someone else started this question someplace else, and I looked. I see two vectors of mine without much of a try. The site uses SS ID numbers, and says "Search Shutterstock". Then someone came along and said, they asked and support says, no it isn't a partner site.

Just seems odd that SS wouldn't shut them down or at least prevent the place from using the Shutterstock name and our images? "Powered by Shutterstock"

Well, take a look. Seems to be Vectors mostly.

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35 minutes ago, oleschwander said:

Really ..! 😆 

By the way - it can be some sort of business collaboration with SS - nobody knows ...

That's the question? Are they a legitimate partner site? Why would SS support say they are not.


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Just to explain, someone else wrote and asked and SS said, they are not a partner site. Now, that could be wrong (not the artist but the answer from SS) I wrote to support, of course I got an "expert" who didn't know, and they gave me a link to infringement, so I wrote them. A lady who closed he SS account found here images, still on sale there. Sent notice and they were removed.

If there's something everyone here should have learned by now, answers change, sometimes the agencies don't know who's a partner or not and maybe it's not a partner site, but they have a OD agreement. So strictly speaking, not a partner. Other people who have disabled their account or closed them, might want to check?

The point is, our images are offered at carstickers.com and someone on MSG bought one of his images, that has never sold, and hasn't received any commission for a sale. It's possible that carstickers reports monthly and pays then, or who knows. What I'm hoping to find out are basically two things.

Is this a legitimate site and if so, how much do we get if someone uses one of my images for a sticker?

I don't mind another outlet and more returns. I have the images, they are already uploaded and approved. Just trying to get everything in order and verified.


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