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Can the BOT predicted the most appealing photo?

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We've all commented on the randomness if not uselessness of SS AI photo "Predicted quality" evaluation and dread what their plans are for this "new and exciting" extension of their AI capability.  I'd like to think it uses basic photographic rules (i.e. Rule of Thirds, Color Theory, etc.) in the analysis of our images but the "Quality" ratings of my images doesn't confirm or refute that expectation.  I'm just as baffled as everyone else.

However, just maybe a group of people might come up with a similar "visual appeal" rating as SS's AI, if given a chance.  In an attempt to test this, I am submitting three similar subject images and request at least three people rate each of them (IN ORDER FROM MOST APPEALING TO LEAST APPEALING i.e. 3,1,2 etc.). To make it easier, one or more of these images was rated a 10/10 by AI (why, who knows).  

After three or more contributors have rated my pictures, I will report the actual ratings (6/10 - 10/10) and another contributor can submit multiple images for "Group Evaluation".  While I don't expect any Scientific Conclusions from this experiment, it might show if SS's AI has any artistic sense or not.  

If someone has a better way to organize this experiment please speak up.      

2021-03-19-11.12.27 ZS DMap  adj  .jpg

2021-03-19-11.55.06 ZS adj  .jpg

2021-03-19-16.00.30 ZS DMap.jpg

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  • Steve Bower changed the title to Can the BOT predicted the most appealing photo?

Well that's three +  ratings for me so some one else is up.  Submit a number of photos that vary in rating and let's see if our appeal rating jives with SS's AI.

If nothing else, this has shown me that I can't be trusted to pick my most appealing photos.  I submitted these three in part because my favorite image was rated lower than the other two and I didn't understand why.  Admittedly, the technical aspects (focus stacking, posing, etc.) turned out better on "my favorite" so that could have had something to do with it's appeal for me.  However, I was of the opinion that it was far and away "more appealing" than the other two.  That apparently is not the case.

Number one was my favorite due to the fact you could see the entire frog and the entire image was in focus. It, however, received the lowest "Bot" rating (8/10).  In the case of the other two, the "Bot" agreed with the majority of you and gave them the higher rating 10/10 (or 9/10 in the UK 😁).  Hopefully,  you each gave your honest opinion and were not swayed by the opinion of the other ratings.  If so (based upon my submissions) SS's "BOT" ranked the order of the appeal of these photos, correctly. 

Olechwander, good catch,  That particular photo was taken in the shade using an LED light set at a kelvin temperature of 5600.  A bad decision on my part.  Thanks for pointing that out.🙃                  

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1 hour ago, Steve Bower said:

Submit a number of photos that vary in rating and let's see if our appeal rating jives with SS's AI

Hi Steve,

Great and funny idea! For me it was 3,1,2. 

It is hard to find "triplicate" of a subject in my port (or they usually have the same rating), but I tried. This 3 pictures have been taken together from the same spot, but with slit differences in the subject so I don't know if you can really compare them... One is a 10, one a 9 and one doesn't have any rating... 

1) Belle vue sur les lacs Vermilion, dans le parc national Banff, Canada

2) Banff, Canada - december 2020 : beautiful view of Vermilion lakes in winter

3) banff-canada-december-2020-beautiful-600

Let's go for 5 comments before someone else share 3 triplicates?

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I agree with Sari.  The most appealing to me is Number one, as there is more contrast and the least would be three for the exact opposite reason, not enough contrast in the subject.  However, number two could also be rated as the most appealing as people always seems to add "interest" to an image.

I've attempted to review the ratings on my images and it seems the more color and contrast in an image, the higher the rating.  This probably is consistent with having photographic appeal, IMO.

For future submitters, I chose similar images as I wanted to eliminate as many "judgement variables" as possible from the ratings.  However, if you don't have that many similar images, you could use any three (or more) dissimilarly rated images as your examples.  I don't think it will make that much difference in our rating order.   






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15 minutes ago, paula french said:

How do you tell if your photo has a rating?  

Just go to your port and look at the images one at a time. Most of mine don't have ratings and I can't be bothered going through them all one by one, I just did the first page. May be someone knows a quicker, at a glance way, but that's how I was looking.

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This thread is not attracting a whole lot of attention so I wouldn't expect much of a response to your submission.  Icicles, how appropriate for some one living in Siberia.  

Based upon my experience with the AI rating system, I would think 1 and 4 are SS's AI most appealing and rated as 10s, while 2 and 3 are the 9's and considered less appealing by AI.   I also find the images I rated as 10s more appealing due to the additional color and contrast found in those images.

Hopefully, we'll get some more guesses.

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