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Hi! I'm new... I have a question on why I'm not seeing similar images.

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Hi. I'm new. I started uploading photos about a two months ago. I've got 28 approved photos. During that time, I've learned how to write better descriptions and how descriptions are different than keywords. One of the pieces of advice I see here in the forums is to click the "Similar Images" button on my images in my portfolio to see what descriptions and keywords others are using.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I actually have published or public photos. I keep getting the "Sorry, we couldn't find any matches for ""..." message on all my photos.

Is there another step I have to do to publish my photos or make them available to the search engines or have I done something wrong with my descriptions and keywords?

Any advice is sincerely appreciated...


Thanks! Jason

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There is nothing else you need to do after your images have been accepted.  There is no additional step (i.e. publishing your photos) that needs to be done.  While SS does not explain why you can't find matches for newly uploaded photos, I assume it is a shortcoming of their search program.  Bottom line:  after your images have been up for a while. the system will provide "similar looking" image but not necessarily similarly keyworded images (that's another story).

SS does, however, provide a better way to find keywords for similar images.  On the "contributor's dashboard" page, right under their title "shutterstock contributor" you will see four heading to include "Portfolio".  Click on that heading and it will bring up seven options to include "Keyword Suggestions".  Click on this heading, and it will bring up the "Keyword tool".  Type in the most relevant Keyword to your image (i.e. "wallet") and it will bring up images that actually use the keyword "wallet".  Select three or more images that most look like yours and click on search icon.  The system will then bring up "Keyword suggestions" based upon the keywords used for the images you actually chose.   Choose the most relevant keywords for your image and copy them to your image.  Hopefully this helps.

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Just to add to what Steve said, there is also this keyword tool that you could use. 

Just be aware with any keyword tool, that just because a word is used a lot doesn't mean it is searched for a lot. Or that it is even relevant. Be discerning with the keywords and just use the tools to prompt you and make suggestions.

Something else you can also do is to search for an image on the SS catalogue. Do you find what you want with the keywords you used? If not what keywords will get you what you want, or to sort the wheat from the chaff. And do the same to find your own images. If you can't find them how can you improve your keywords so you can.

Just a few things to help you improve your keywords.

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