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Can a 170 year old public building be Intellectual Property?

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I uploaded a picture of Salford Museum and Art gallery and it was rejected for the following reason - "Intellectual Property: Content contains subject matter that potentially infringes on intellectual property rights (e.g. artwork, writing, sheet music, isolated modern architecture, or other objects protected by copyright)."

The photograph was taken by me, there are no artwork, graffiti or posters, nor anything else of that kind in the picture. The museum is the main focus of the picture but you can see 1 other building and a flight of stairs that are both at least as old as the museum itself.

I am new here on shutterstock and I don't want to break any rules so if anybody could please help me understand what is wrong or what I'm doing wrong in the upload process that this is being rejected, I would be very grateful.


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Often Sstock rejections are wrong.

I suggest that you put the age of the building in the title when you re-submit (and you could use the word 'Victorian' too).

I also suggest you put as few keywords as possible as the AI might be picking up on those.  You can put keywords in after acceptance.

That might help.

Good luck.

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15 hours ago, Tim photo-video said:

Have you described it as editorial?
As a commercial photo it will not be accepted - this object is easily identified as "Salford Museum and Art gallery" by the inscription. In this case, it doesn't matter how old the building is.

This was my thought too. This image needs to be submitted as editorial, I'm guessing it was wasn't.

Here's a couple of links to understand editorial content: 



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