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Show your photo rated as 6 by Sstock

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Just now, Studio 2 said:

I have just thought of what the next 'good news' announcement from Sstock might be, related to this feature. 


A rating of 5 = 5 cents

A rating of 9 = 9 cents

And for that perfect 10/10 photo = 10 cents ...

I was more hoping for a factor based system:

rating of 6= price x6

rating of 10= price x10

So a picture that give you 10 cents would actually give you 60 cents if it's a 6/10 or 1$ if it's a 10/10 😅

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13 hours ago, Repelsteeltje said:

Anyone got a 10/10 on an image of a turd 💩 ? 🤪

Not *quite* but i do have a 9/10 of a leaking sewage pipe surrounded by plastic and garbage.

So a 9/10 literally of sh*t.

The artificial stupidity thinks its visually appealing.


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34 minutes ago, David Calvert said:

Pardon my ignorance, but where do you see this rating? I can't seem to find any on my shots. Perhaps they are so bad they are unrateable...🤥

It remains strange. Some like me see 9/10 while others see 10/10 and some like you don't see anything. This is a picture of you. Others probably see it as 10/10.

Not all photos are rated. 


Your trees are very good This photo and this photo are also 9/10

sh tree.jpg

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